Total Body Rehabilitation Center - "Results you expect, results you deserve"
Infrared Light Therapy*
Also known as "photo- biostimulation" therapy, infrared light therapy is used to facilitate the healing potential of tissues by working on the biochemistry within
injured cells.  Infrared has shown
effective for treating many forms
of inflammation, including
                                         tendonitis, bursitis, neuritis, and
                                         myositis (muscle inflammation).
                                         Conditions treated include:
                                         Carpal Tunnel Syndrome,        
                                         Golfer's & Tennis Elbow, Rotator 
                                         Cuff injuries, neck and low back 
                                         pain, plantar fasciitis, Achilles 
                                         tendonitis, knee tendonitis
                                         and arthritis, headaches, temp- 
                                         oromandibular joint (TMJ) pain,
                                         and many others.                          
Joint Mobilization*
Designed to improve the normal mechanics of a joint thus restoring normal range of motion.
Designed to improve contractures of muscles thus improving range of motion.  Stretching is often provided by a therapist or assistant.  Patients are then taught how to stretch independently.
Spinal & Extremity Manipulation*
This treatment is similar to those offered by chiropractors and osteopathic physicians.  Manipulation is designed to improve limitations in joint movement.  Manipulation can also help decrease muscle tension surrounding a dysfunctional joint.
Spinal Decompression / Traction *
Spinal Decompression is the unloading of the spine via distraction and position. By tractioning the spine, we are
able to effectively manage the
most stubborn cases of 
stenosis, degenerative disc
disease, radiculopathy, or
                                              herniated discs.  And unlike 
                                              other clinics, we do not charge
                                              extra to use our machine or
                                              make you buy expensive
                                              packages of treatments. 
                                              Traction can also be used to
                                              treat hip pain associated with
Soft Tissue Mobilization,         Massage and Cupping*
This treatment is offered when patients experience problems associated with muscular pain, tension, triggerpoints, and/or fascial restrictions.  This treatment can also be used to decrease localized tissue swelling (edema).
Massage options range from traditional Swedish massage to Hot Stone Applications.

Total Body Rehab Center is one of few clinics
in that area that offers cupping therapy.  This treatment option has gained popularity with its recent use with 2016 Olympic athletes. Cupping is theorized to promote increased bloodflow to the treatment area and bring about muscular relaxation.                                        

Therapeutic Exercise*
Appropriate exercises are offered to improve range of motion, strength, coordination, and function.  Exercises are prescribed based on the patient's condition and current physical ability.  Patients are provided with a home exercise program that complements their 
                                       clinical program.
These treatments may include ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and iontophoresis.  Certain modalities are designed to improve bloodflow and soft tissue flexibility, decrease pain, re-educate weakened muscles, or offer anti-inflammatory effects.  Modalities complement other "hands-on" therapies.  Modalities are rarely offered as an exclusive treatment.