Total Body Rehabilitation Center - "Results you expect, results you deserve"
I came to Total Body Rehab Center in January 2014 after an ankle fusion and a rotator cuff problem.  The treatments offered were new to me.  I never experienced dry needling and infrared light therapy.  This combination of treatments, in addition to others, quickly resolved my pain and swelling thus improving my daily function.  I returned to Total Body in November 2014 with a recurrence of shoulder pain.  Tim's "gadgets" with a combination of shoulder mobilization and manipulation helped improve shoulder mobility.  Therapists at other clinics never offered me the treatments I received at Tim's clinic.  I am impressed with the "hands-on" attention I received as well as the latest treatment options provided to me.
J.I. - Sylvania, OH

I had pain in my back for 10 years.  I tried chiropractors, massage therapists, and pain injections, and nothing helped.  I tried the Triggerpoint Dry Needling treatment, and within 2 visits my pain was 80% better.  After 5 treatments I was completely pain-free.
T.D.  Temperance, MI
I never heard of impingement syndrome before coming to therapy.  My therapist explained my condition to me in words that I could understand. My doctor confirmed the diagnosis and recommended surgery.  My therapist worked with me for several weeks and was able to decrease my pain 90%.  My pain no longer affects my daily life, and I was able to avoid surgery.
M.T.  Sylvania, OH
After my total knee replacement, I had a hard time getting my knee to bend.  My doctor threatened me with a manipulation to restore my range of motion.  My therapist worked diligently with me to get my knee bending to 130 degrees.  This was done with very little pain and a whole lot of patience.  At follow-up, the doctor was amazed at what we accomplished.
L.B.  Holland, OH
I wouldn't go anywhere else.  Hands down the best clinic in the area!
D.B.  Maumee, OH
I've been to other clinics where I saw my therapist once and then my care was transferred to aides and assistants.  I never knew who I was going to get when I went to therapy.  At Total Body Rehab Center, I saw my therapist every single session.  I liked that!
J.P.  Toledo, OH
The care and attention I received at Total Body Rehab Center was second to none.  I've been to other clinics where I was just treated as a number in their quota of patients.  The therapists here really care that all their patients get better and the get the results they want.
D.B.  Sylvania, OH
I had plantar fasciitis for well over a year.  I tried splints, orthotics, and injections with no relief, so I was skeptical to try physical therapy.  With a combination of infrared therapy, joint manipulation, dry needling, and stretching exercise my pain was decreased in half in 2 weeks.  After 6 weeks I was pain-free.
P.B.  Lambertville, MI
Since completing therapy, I feel 100% better.  When I started, I had low back pain that radiated into my leg and had difficulty walking.  Today I am fine, thanks to the excellent attention I received from my therapist.
S.M.  Bowling Green, OH
My IT Band syndrome had become the worse ever.  Treatments like ultrasound, myofascial release and stretching became ineffective.  When Tim introduced me to triggerpoint dry needling, my problem soon disappeared.  I am back to running 5Ks without pain.
P.B.  Toledo, OH
I have been to numerous therapy clinics after having multiple back surgeries.  The care, compassion, knowledge, and professionalism demonstrated at Total Body Rehab Center were second to none!
B.R.  Temperance, MI
I had pain in my legs for years.  The doctors said it was coming from my back.  The therapist at Total Body Rehab Center said it was a bad case of shin splints.  He used dry needling, taping, and stretching exercise to help my problem.  I am finally without pain after 5 years.
W.T.  Sylvania, OH